Red, white and rosé : how to store your wine

Wine is often said to improve with age, but depending on how it is kept, it can also deteriorate over time. Temperature, humidity, light and vibrations are all factors that can influence the ageing of wine. Read on for tips on how to best store your favourite Bordeaux wines.

The best temperature for storing wine

At what temperature should wine be kept? 

The best temperature for storing wine is the same for all styles and colours, as opposed to service temperature which varies. Be it wine red, white or rosé, wine should be kept at a constant temperature of 12 – 13°C: heat will speed up the ageing process, and sudden variations in temperature can spoil your wine.

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Where should I store my wine?

A cellar that is consistently cool year-round is the ideal place to store your wine. Failing this, choose a room in your home that offers the best compromise in terms of these factors. Temperature aside, here are some tips to help you choose the right place:

  • Avoid anywhere that is too dry, otherwise the cork may dry out, shrink and no longer create a hermetic seal. The ideal level of humidity for storing wine is around 70%.
  • Choose a room that is well-ventilated, with good air circulation. Wine is a living product and should not be exposed to smells or mould.
  • Keep your bottles away from any source of vibration or shock which could damage the molecules of certain compounds in the wine.
  • Opt for a darker spot: exposing your wine to light will cause it to age prematurely.
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Why are wine bottles stored on their side?

Although contact with air is desirable when serving wine, it should be avoided when storing it. Bottles are laid down to ensure that the cork is always in contact with the wine.

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How long should a Bordeaux wine be aged?

Contrary to popular belief, not all Bordeaux wines need to be aged for a long time. Although some will only reveal their full potential after several years of cellaring, other are made to be enjoyed young. Such is the case for Baron de Lestac wines, which are created so that each and every vintage can be fully enjoyed as soon as it is released.

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