The art of wine tasting

Bordeaux is a prestigious wine region but Baron de Lestac wines can be enjoyed in many different ways and are right for all occasions. For us, Bordeaux is about authenticity, sharing and conviviality, and our approachable wines reflect this. Read on to find out how to make the most of the many flavours of Bordeaux.

wine cellar

Building a wine cellar

All wine lovers dream of owning a large, well-organised wine cellar. However, this is not so easy to achieve and taking those first, all-important decisions can be difficult.


Wine accessories: the essentials

From ageing to tasting, wine requires certain essential accessories. To help you put together everything you will need to appreciate wine, the Club Baron de Lestac has chosen this selection of essential items.

American oak barrel

What are tannins ?

Wine is often referred to as being tannin, or having soft tannins. But what exactly are tannins, and what role do they play in wine? Read on and let the Club Baron de Lestac explain.

Goat cheese

Cheese and wine: a match made in heaven

France is known for its wine of course, but also for its myriad cheeses, and within each category , individual producers display their many skills. Just like wine, cheese has its own appellation system, and it is considered a key part of French gastronomic heritage. However, when it comes to pairing wine and cheese, there are a number of myths that should be explored: read on to learn more about this fascinating topic.

Red, white and rosé : how to store your wine ?

Red, white and rosé : how to store your wine ?

Wine is often said to improve with age, but depending on how it is kept, it can also deteriorate over time. Temperature, humidity, light and vibrations are all factors that can influence the ageing of wine. Read on for tips on how to best store your favourite Bordeaux wines.


Learning how to taste wine

Feel unsure when asked if you'd like to taste the wine in a restaurant? Relax – many people feel the same way. Wine tasting can seem intimidating, a skill that requires a lot of knowledge. But in fact all you need are your senses: sight, smell, and taste.

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