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The story of Baron de Lestac dates back to 1986, the result of the passion of a Bordeaux wine trader who was deeply attached to his region.

His ambition ? His ambition was to make Bordeaux more accessible by creating a wine that would be the perfect illustration of this prestigious yet sometimes intimidating wine region. He kept his promise and today, Baron de Lestac is one of the leading Bordeaux brands, with our name representing authenticity and quality, vintage after vintage, for almost forty years. Parcel selection, grower partnerships, vinification, ageing and blending are just some of the commitments and skills that make Baron de Lestac an ambassador for the wines of Bordeaux.

Bottles of Baron de Lestac have been certified Terra Vitis since the 2019 vintage. The Bag-in-box format will be certified Terra Vitis from summer 2022.

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