Authenticity and quality

Each wine in the Baron de Lestac range represents the Bordeaux style par excellence. Made from selected vineyard plots, they are blends of classic Bordeaux grape varieties, vinified and aged in the traditional manner. Produced following strict rules, they are also a reflection of the stringent approach that characterises Bordeaux. This commitment runs through everything we do, from vineyard to bottle, ensuring that each and every vintage is a combination of authenticity and quality.

Wine traders :
and the Bordeaux tradition

Wine growing in the Bordeaux region dates back to the Roman Empire, but wine production started to take off in the 11th century with the development of trade with England, thanks to the work of wine traders who played an important role in Bordeaux wines' expansion. Working as intermediaries between the chateaux and consumers, the traders not only helped raise awareness of Bordeaux wines, but also helped shape the unique character to which these wines owed their success. Besides trading, wine traders were also the producers' partners, providing technical expertise, winemaking knowledge and cellar space in the same way that Baron de Lestac collaborates with our winemaking partners today.

Grappe de raisin Vignes

From vineyard to bottle

The vineyards of Bordeaux boast a multitude of soils types, altitudes and microclimates. To illustrate this rich diversity, Baron de Lestac works with a number of wine grower-partners whose complementary talents are reflected in our wines.

These are long-term partners from whom we sometimes select individual plots, to give the consumer the most faithful representation of the appellation. Our selections are based on several decades of vineyard experience, and are also the result of a close-knit partnership with our producers. Whatever the task in hand – from vineyard management to monitoring ripening, pressing the grapes or vinification – Baron de Lestac is there year-round, working alongside our partners, checking each step of the production process.

During this period we apply the same high standards to ourselves, be it maturing the wine in our barrel cellar, blending the grapes, or the demanding task of bottling with its last-minute tasting and quality control checks.

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