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Our winemaker has input at all the key stages of the winemaking process, from choosing the vineyard plots to making the final blend. Her mission is to ensure that each of our vintages displays the same inimitable taste and irreproachable quality that consumers expect from Baron de Lestac; Isabelle has been responsible for this for over 15 years.


Winemaker with Baron de Lestac

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The winemaker's job means overseeing the winemaking process from start to finish. It requires scientific and technical expertise as well as knowledge of specifications: the skill set is broad and goes way beyond an ability to taste wine.

In terms of tasting, our winemaker turns her attention to the grapes first. Her work begins in the vineyard, where she chooses specific parcels belonging to our grower-partners and then monitors the grapes during the ripening period before consulting with our partners about optimum picking dates. After harvest, the team work continues through to vinification, a process that is different for each Baron de Lestac wine and which is overseen by our winemaker all the way through to ageing

Our wines’ liveliness and balance is primarily the result of the selection of grapes during harvest.

Isabelle Decup Winemaker

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Our white and rosé wines are aged for a few weeks, while our red wines spend several months in the barrel cellar. After this comes the final stage of Isabelle's work, namely the blending process: this means combining several wines made from different plots and grape varieties to achieve the quality required in all Baron de Lestac wines.

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