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Cellar master with
Baron de Lestac

Ageing our wines is an important step between vinification and the final blending. Our red wines spend several months in oak barrels and have remarkable aromatic subtlety, thanks to the ageing process and the skills of Thierry, Baron de Lestac's cellar master.


Cellar master with Baron de Lestac

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The Baron de Lestac cellar is in Blanquefort, between the city of Bordeaux and the Médoc vineyards. This is not just where wine barrels are stored, but a place where the tiniest details matter, starting with temperature and hygrometry levels. Our cellar is half-underground, has mist sprays, a constant temperature of 18 C° and a humidity rate of 75% - 80%

Over time, the barrel-ageing process provides the wine with aromatic complexity.

Thierry L.Cellar master


Thierry monitors these details with precision: barrels are where biochemical exchanges between wood and wine take place, which in turn encourages complex aromas (cocoa, coffee, dried fruit...) to develop. The cellar master's role is to follow this process very closely, in order to identify the ideal ageing time for the style of wine being made. The nature and intensity of these aromas is a question of time which can also vary as a function of the barrels used. The wood's origin, toast and cooperage are all parameters that add nuance, and the cellar master's skill is finding the perfect combination. For our Baron de Lestac red wine Thierry decided on a six-month ageing period in American oak barrels, while Les Hauts de Lestac spends 10 months in French oak.

Mais si la nature de ces arômes et leur intensité est une question de temps, elle varie aussi en fonction des fûts que l’on choisit. Origine du bois, type de chauffe, tonnelier ; tous ces paramètres vont apporter leurs nuances, et le savoir-faire du maître de chai est de déterminer la combinaison parfaite. Pour Baron de Lestac rouge, Thierry a fait le choix d’un élevage d’environ 6 mois en fûts de chêne américain, tandis que celui-ci dure 10 mois en fûts de chêne français pour Les Hauts de Lestac.

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